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Battersea, a district in London south of the Thames River, has an interesting history. Originally it was farmland, providing food for most of the city. It became industrialized in the sixteenth century by Huguenots fleeing persecution; they set up breweries, mills, and cloth printing factories, eventually expanding to other types of businesses, even establishing universities.

Today it is primarily a wealthy and multicultural neighborhood, with famous landmarks such as the New Covent Garden Market, Royal Academy of Dance, and Saint Mary's Church. Battersea is occasionally featured in video games and popular songs; it is the setting for "Rockford Rock Opera". Listed below are five of its best restaurants.

Thai on the River Thames

This restaurant serves lunch and dinner at reasonable rates. Priced at less than 16 pounds per person (8 pounds for children under seven) its buffet on Sundays is truly a bargain. The restaurant also offers menus for express lunch and takeout. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, offering views of the Thames River. People who book reservations online receive a ten percent discount. (Learn more).

Battersea Spice Restaurant

The Spice restaurant features food from India and Bangladesh. The house specialty is biryani dishes. The restaurant offers several bargains; on Sundays and Tuesdays nan bread, rice, and all starter and side dishes cost nine pounds and ninety-five pence; in fact, many of their dishes cost less than ten pounds. They offer catering services, and children can have a birthday meal for free if the party numbers six or greater, and reservations are made a day in advance.

Le Bouchon Bordelais

Le Bouchon has an interior that is decorated in warm polished wood, with a view of the street. It serves French food at amazingly reasonable prices - less than ten pounds! The house specialties are Foie Gras, Grillades, and Cassoulets. The restaurant fare is mostly traditional, though they do offer modern dishes like Black Squid Risotto.

Vito's Bar and Restaurant

You can get a three course Italian meal between fifteen and thirty pounds; on Sundays, the buffet costs around £15. Besides pasta and antipasti, they serve meat and seafood dishes, as well as Italian beers and wines. The menu also offers vegetarian and vegan selections. The dining area, though indoors, gives an outdoor feeling with its large skylight which is opened during fair weather. The restaurant offers private dining, and caters to parties as large as 100.


My own personal favourite and a cross over between what at first might look like a fast food place but in fact offers excellent quality and healthy food and is arguably one of the best chains to hit the UK food wise. This restaurant chain serves Portuguese food, with the house specialty is Peri Peri (Afro-Portuguese marinating sauce) and barbequed chicken. Their menu also details the total number of calories per dish, along with the amounts of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Their discount offers include a stamp card which earns you free Peri Peri chicken after a certain number of visits, and 20% off the cost of meals for members in all branches of the British Military and Emergency personnel. (More on Nando's).

In Battersea, you can travel the world simply by eating in its restaurants, with over 50 countriesd represented. London is a diverse city and this means a wonderful chance to experience and taste a wide variety of foods and cuisines.

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