10 Top Tips for spending less while in London

London is a lively city which attractions millions of people each year and is a wonderful city to travel. London can though costly and this below some ideas and tips and tricks to save you money!

Get an oyster card

Oyster cards are a big money saver if you're visiting London. If you're making just a few journeys the single prices are a lot cheaper with your convenient card. You can even order a pre-topped up card in advance and then just swipe and go! If you're making a lot of journeys it will be capped meaning you're never charged more than you're average Travel Card. When leaving London you can hand back your oyster card and get the fee back in your pocket!

Beauty vouchers

Pampering yourself in London can be a lovely treat and doesn't have to be a big dent in your bank balance. Using a beauty voucher can literally save you hundreds of pounds on treatments and leave you feeling like new.

Free tours

Before making your journey into London have a quick scout on-line instead of paying over the odds for a tour check which one's are offered for free such as the east London arts tour alternatively.

Make your own tour

Do a little bit of investigation before you go, or buy a tour guide book from one of the many souvenir shops in London. This way you can see which locations the paid tours visit and map your own journey, saving you money to buy yourself something nice from the shops instead.

Online deals

There are always deals online for restaurants and tourist attractions like Madame Tussauds so before getting there have a quick Google and see what you can come up with.


Fast becoming a clever and popular way of saving money. Before planning your trip see what voucher offers Groupon have that could leave you with a smile on your face and extra cash to splash.

On the day theatre

Fancy seeing a west end show but don't want to pay west end prices? Turn up early on the day and see what tickets they have left, you can sometimes snag front row seats for less than half the price!

Street markets

All of the perks of London's varying cultures with none of the costs. With various street markets in places such as Greenwich, Carnaby Street and Camden you're sure to be faced with fantastic sights and sounds – all of them offering their own take on London lifestyle. You can even splurge on the shopping with all the money you save elsewhere.


Whether it's the Tudors, modern art or science that tickle your fancy you're in for a treat. London is the hub of museums with them dotted all over to cater for everyone's individual interests; best of all a lot of them are free!


London is well known for its glorious parks, whether it be Green Park that frames the back of Buckingham Palace or Hyde Park with it's beautiful lakes you're sure to have your breath taken away by some of the stunning back drops – and not have to spend a single penny as parks are free.

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