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Getting to London by Coach

If you are planning on visiting the country's capital, then remember one thing – don't drive. National Express coachDriving through London is notoriously difficult and that is not even including the addedburdens of bus lanes, congestion charges and one way systems. Instead, an easier way to get to London is to travel by coach and due to the sheer number of options, it is easier than ever.

National Express

National Express is arguably the country's most popular coach company and with the best fare and route options, offering regular services to major cities all around the UK. Prices are reasonable, ranging from £10-15 for a return ticket (not including student discounts and other special rates).The coaches are equipped with comfortable seats, toilets as well as a TV for in-journey entertainment.


If you are travelling on a budget however, many people prefer to use the MegaBus service to London. Famously offering journeys for as little as £1, MegaBus is the UK's leading bus discount service. The only catch is that you to book your ticket weeks in advance in order to take advantage of the best prices. If you book at the last minute, tickets can be on the same price scale as National Express.


New on the coach scene is Greyhound coaches, the long-established bus service from the US. The company started services last year, running coaches to London, Portsmouth and Southampton. The coaches are famously luxurious with comfortable seats, complimentary newspapers, air conditioning and free wireless internet.

So if you are considering travelling to London, consider taking a coach, but remember to book in advance for the best deals. Also for cancellation and lost baggage you might want to consider being insured for these journeys. has some excellent information on all forms of travel including to London and the UK and is worth checking for further information.

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