Lords Cricket Ground

Known as The Home of Cricket, Lords Cricket Ground is the historical and spiritual birthplace of the game and as such, has a strong meaning to its fans and to the sport.

Found in St. John's Wood in London, the cricket ground is the headquarters to not just the England and Wales Cricket Board, but the European Cricket Council and the Middlesex Lord's Cricket GroundCountry Cricket Club. Many of the sport's rules and regulations originate for here as a result, while the club's owner, Marylebone Cricket Club, oversees the official Laws and 'Spirit' of Cricket.

Lords did not always stand where it currently stands, and was originally in Dorset Square. That site was used from 1787 to 1814 and is now known as Lord's Old Ground. Lords then moved to Regent's Canal, where it remained from 1811 to 1813, before moving a short distance (literally 250 yards) to its new and current location.

The cricket ground plays host to some of the world's biggest test matches as well as one day internationals that draw massive crowds. The ground also hosts smaller home games and club finals. The cricket ground also has the MCC Indoor Cricket School, which is equipped with state of the art equipment, the famous MCC Library and an MCC Museum, dedicated to the sport. It is here where famous trophies such as the Ashes urn and the Wisden Trophy are exhibited.

The Lord's Cricket Ground also has one of the largest cricket shops in the country, which not only has souvenirs, but top of the range bats and equipment for amateur and professional players. Due to cricket's ever-growing popularity, Lords is set to undergo a major refurbishment, which will increase the capacity by an extra 10,000.

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