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Arguably the best way to get around London, the Underground System is a marvel of modern engineering that allows almost three million people to get around the city each day, using its 11 lines and 270 stations. While underground train systems may not be anything Subway undergound in Londonnew with the likes of Paris and New York having their own, London was the first city to have one with the first section of the system opening in 1863.

Since then the Underground has grown and expanded to have over 250 miles of track, as well as deep-bore lines, above ground systems and, in 1890, implement electric trains, the first underground system to do so. The London Underground later became a single network in 1985, when all the city's rail elements were overseen by the newly founded London Underground Limited. 

Today, the London Underground caters to the millions of tourists that visit the city, with their underground maps. Even the system's design has become famous, being available to buy on t-shirts and mugs. It is even considered a 'classic design' influencing other city's underground systems.

Despite being the first Underground system, the London Underground is only the third busiest (despite catering to almost three million people each day). It would appear that Paris and Moscow eclipse in terms of sheer numbers, however London's figures are constantly increasing with over one billion using the system in 2007 alone.

Just remember one thing when riding the London Underground: Mind The Gap.

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