Adrenaline-Pumping Activities in London

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London is an exciting place to be, with the sheer number of people and the cultural diversity. However, if you’re looking to really break through your comfort barrier, there are plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities to enjoy in the big city. Here are just some of the knuckle-shredding options available – meet new friends and have some fantastic experiences that will stick with you for life:

Bungee Jumping

You can’t get much more of a pure adrenaline rush than bungee jumping from 160 feet. That leap of faith takes real mettle, and you can even take the jump holding on to a partner or friend, if you need a little moral support. You will have to wait for extensive safety checks to be performed, only further increasing your anticipation. Enjoy the G-force!

Ice Climbing

You may have seen it on Game of Thrones, but this ice climbing is for real! Scale massive walls of frozen, compacted snow with axes and spiked boots. This endurance test takes you up 300m² of unforgiving ice. All equipment is provided, but the adrenaline and determination has to come from you.


Fly your first jet aircraft with iPilot’s flight simulator. With the help of pilot instructors, you can take control of the cockpit and make the journey to more than 500 airports, taking in the scenery on the way. If you ever fancied yourself a bit of an aviator, this is a great way to spend 30 minutes. There is even a champagne option, if you want to fly in style!  

RIB Canary Wharf

Barrel down the iconic Thames at high speeds, take in the sights, and hold on tight! For 50 minutes, you can explore London on a high-speed powerboat, equipped with a life jacket and wet weather clothing. Starting at the Pier, you will travel to Canary Wharf and back, before disembarking with shaky sea legs!


Depending on where you come from, Mayhem Paintball is about 20 minutes on the train, and Mayhem will pick you up from the station! There are a wide variety of paintball themed maps to choose from, including Call of Duty. Take on your friends and family on the range, to show off your sharp-shooter skills. Mayhem Paintball are a leading organise for paintbal in the London area and are worth considering.

Thames River Kayaking

Kayaking is a lovely way to explore London (just don’t fall in)! You can paddle to the historic Molsey Lock and discover the local wildlife. This is the perfect way to escape the mad hustle and bustle of London city, and enjoy a little nature. You will be able to see Hampton Court Palace and a number of culturally important buildings (you’ll also get an arm workout). The whole excursion will last 90 minutes.

Wing Walking

Have you ever wanted to fly without wings? At London Air Sports Centre, you can do just that. Strapped onto a bi-plane, you can soar thousands of feet into the air (shocking passing birds, of course).


Hiding in Royal Victoria Dock, WakeUp Docklands run wakeboarding sessions. No matter what your level is, there are various obstacles and cables for showing off trick jumps or just settle in for an exhilarating ride. Try JBSki for more information.

Power Kiting

If wakeboarding isn’t your thing, why don’t you try power kiting on the ground with KiteVibe in Richmond Park? Strapped to a skateboard, or even roller-blades, you can harness the wind to whip around a picturesque area of London. However, if you prefer to be in the water, you can jump on a surfboard and sail around the city’s waterways.

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